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Temporary Water Solutions

TWS Corporation Pty Ltd (trading as TWS Total Water Solutions) is a multi tiered company providing a range of solutions in the commercial, professional, agricultural and residential markets, which include:
  • Temporary Water Systems
  • Retail Store
  • Notification Distribution

We have been providing temporary water solutions to Council, water asset owners and contractor clients throughout NSW for over seven years. We are engaged to provided solutions for services that impacted or at risk of being with out for extended periods.

We have not only pioneered the process for temporary water design and installation, quality control but have been at the front end of cutting edge technologies to innovate in monitoring and remote management. As quoted by Sydney water “TWS are leading the field in temporary water and are at least 10 years ahead of Sydney Water in this field”.


  • Equipment to install at any one time up to 50,000m of pipe, 500 residential properties, 240 commercial properties and 40 fire services.
  • Ozone-ing of temporary mains as a means of disinfection prior to property connections
  • Design, testing and reporting
  • Digital historic transfer records with photographic details recorded
  • Can travel to anywhere within NSW and the ACT


TWS were the go to people for Sydney Water in creating a standard for a temporary water procedure

  • Created a thermal transference reliant pipe for temporary water usage
  • Created monitoring & technologies for managing temporary water systems &conditions remotely
  • First to pioneer Ozone-ing for temporary water systems as a safe immediate means of disinfection
  • Patented temporary water fittings and systems
  • Quality documentation processes
  • Fully digital paperwork system
  • Recycling program of the used temporary pipes
  • Proud ongoing sponsorship of the local rural fire brigade
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